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Rat Eastern Zodiac Chinese Galaxy Theme Horoscope Polymer Clay Figure

Rat Eastern Zodiac Chinese Galaxy Theme Horoscope Polymer Clay Figure

Embark on a cosmic journey through the Eastern Zodiac with our Rat Chinese Galaxy Theme Polymer Clay Figure. This handcrafted sculpture captures the essence of the Rat sign in the Chinese zodiac, beautifully blending tradition with the allure of the galaxy.


Artistry in the Cosmos: Each Rat Eastern Zodiac Chinese Galaxy Theme Figure is painstakingly hand-sculpted. They brilliantly embody the intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability of the Rat sign, intertwined with the cosmic wonders of the galaxy.


Astrological Elegance: This sculpture seamlessly fuses the symbolism of the Rat with the cosmic allure of the galaxy, creating a harmonious adorable representation.


3Celestial Color Palette: The figure boasts a cosmic color palette, symbolizing the Rat's sharp instincts and curiosity while adding a touch of cosmic brilliance to your decor.


Versatile Display: Whether placed on your desk, bookshelf, or as part of your zodiac-themed collection, this sculpture radiates the Rat's charm and makes for a captivating conversation piece.


Collector's Treasure: For astrology enthusiasts and collectors of zodiac-inspired art, this Rat figure is a cherished addition, symbolizing the wit and resourcefulness of this zodiac sign, as well as the mysteries of the universe.


Product Specifications:

- Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches
- Material: Sculpey Premo polymer clay
- Colors: Galaxy blue, Twinkle black
- Weight: Approximately 6 oz


Embrace the intelligence and cosmic intrigue of the Rat Chinese Zodiac with our Rat Eastern Zodiac Chinese Galaxy Theme Polymer Clay Figure. Whether you were born in the Year of the Rat, appreciate Chinese astrology, or simply admire the artistry of zodiac-inspired decor, this figure is a stunning and symbolic addition to your living space. Order yours today and let the Rat guide your horoscope-inspired journey through the galaxy.

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