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OUT @GALLERY Prism Pride Pal Polymer Clay Pride-themed Dragon Dice Display Model

OUT @GALLERY Prism Pride Pal Polymer Clay Pride-themed Dragon Dice Display Model

In the midst of a verdant valley, lived a dragon named Prism. His scales gleam with every color of the rainbow, a symbol of his vibrant identity. Nestled among his treasures is a set of rainbow dice, each roll a testament to his unwavering luck. With a twinkle in his eye, Prism invites you to attend the pride parade. As you soar through the sky, his wings beat with excitement, Prism's spirit ignites the world below. Amidst the cheers and rainbow flags, you dacnce, celebrating love and acceptance. In Prism's company, you find a friend, a beacon of joy in a colorful world.


(Pride Dice Set Included)


Introducing Prism Pride Pal: a dazzling display of pride-themed dice and a pal to join you on your journey. With its vibrant rainbow scales and a playful pose, this dragon exudes positivity and inclusivity.


This unique tabletop accessory not only adds a pop of color to your gaming setup but also serves as a symbol of love and acceptance. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a collector of fantastical treasures, Prism will light up your space in a unique and adorable way.


Join us in celebrating diversity and spreading joy with the Prism. Let its radiant presence remind you to embrace your true colors and stand proud.

    This item will be featured in an art gallery at our Children's hospital for Pride this year. It will be shipped after the event likely in July.
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