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Adopt Auric Artificer Class Dragon Model Polymer Clay Copper

Adopt Auric Artificer Class Dragon Model Polymer Clay Copper

In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the clatter of machinery and the scent of arcane reagents, there dwells a dragon unlike any other. Meet Auric, the master artificer, whose scales shimmer with the essence of innovation. With claws adept at crafting wonders of metal and magic, Auric transforms raw materials into marvels that defy imagination. Each creation, from enchanted trinkets to towering constructs, bears the mark of their meticulous craftsmanship. Yet, beneath the steely exterior lies a soul filled with boundless curiosity and a passion for invention. In the world of gears and gadgets, Auric reigns supreme, a beacon of ingenuity and creativity.


Artistry Beyond Imagination: Our Artificer is a stunning work of craftsmanship, designed to join you on any of your Role-Playing adventures!


Artificer: Designed as a artificer from Dungeons and Dragons; but matches any potion mixing, mechanical archetype! Tell his story and let him join you on your next adventure! Place this majestic piece on your shelf or in your living space, and let it transport you to a mechanical wonderland  where adventure often begins.


Copper: Created in the official Artificer Class Color, Copper!


Unique Gift: Ideal for any role player, gadget enthusiasts, and those who crave adventure. Our class sculptures are thoughtful and evocative gifts that encourage the exploration of the extraordinary.


Join our Artificer in a world of boundless imagination. Whether you're a collector of remarkable art or simply someone who appreciates the magic of the invention, this sculpture is an embodiment of what it means to be a artificer. Order yours today and embark on a silent adventure in the company of this extraordinary artificer.


Product Dimensions:
- Approx. Length: 5 in
- Approx. Width: 3 in
- Approx. Height: 4 in


Originally featured in our 2024 Make 100 Kickstarter, here is your chance to collect your own!

    $60.00 Regular Price
    $54.00Sale Price
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