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Adopt Emberwing! Black and Red Miniature Dragon Dice Collector Polymer Clay

Adopt Emberwing! Black and Red Miniature Dragon Dice Collector Polymer Clay

In the heart of a forgotten cavern, a small red dragon named Emberwing found joy in the sparkle of dice. Emberwing soared across vast lands each day, amassing a dazzling hoard of dice. Miniature worlds of chance and fortune became treasures in the dragon's cozy lair. With a playful flick of her tail, the dice danced in a symphony of luck. As the dragon's hoard grew, so did the legend, enchanting the realm with whimsy, chance, and the fiery glow of a miniature dragon's passion.


Step into a realm of enchantment with "Emberwing," a captivating Black and Red Miniature Dragon Dice Collector. This unique and whimsical creation is not just a sculpture; it's a guardian of chance, a fiery companion for your dice collection.


Versatile Decor: Whether displayed on a gaming table, shelf, or desk, Emberwing effortlessly enhances any space, adding a touch of fantasy and charm to your surroundings.


Exceptional Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and care from premium materials, this miniature dragon is designed to bring joy and a touch of magic to your collection.

Product Dimensions:

- Length: Approx 2 inches
- Width: Approx 1.5 inches
- Height: Approx 2 inches

- Dice Collector's Companion: Let Emberwing guard and display your cherished dice in a unique and magical way.

- Unique Gift: An ideal gift for tabletop gamers, fantasy enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the fusion of art and gaming.


Emberwing is more than a dragon sculpture; it's a mystical companion for your dice collection, a guardian of chance, and a piece of art that ignites the imagination. Whether you're a seasoned dice collector or someone seeking a touch of fantasy in your space, Emberwing invites you to embrace the magic. 

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