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Adopt Ardor! Red Steampunk Polymer Clay Dragon

Adopt Ardor! Red Steampunk Polymer Clay Dragon

Collecting stories about selfless love, Ardor roamed the whole world wide. He soared through the urban skyline, spreading love and warmth wherever he went. His mechanical heart beat with the rhythm of passion, inspiring connections and kindling flames of affection in the hearts of all who crossed his path. With a gentle touch and a knowing gaze, Ardor reminded the world that even in the midst of industry, love remained the most powerful force, binding souls together in eternal harmony.


Meet Ardor! A beautiful fiery red dragon in search of the story of love. Each story leaving a mark on his heart, Ardor is designed to be a great conversational piece!


Embrace the enchanting allure of Ardor from Diverse Dimensions, and let your imagination take flight to realms of endless possibility.


Approx Size - 5 x 4 x 3 inches



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